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Pennsbury Tournament 2024 Application
The 2024 Pennsbury Tournament, our 44th, will be held on Thursday, June 13, 2024 to Saturday, June 15, 2024. The application process works like this, since you played in the event in 2023 you automatically get an email telling you that the application is posted on the website on December 1st, you have until January 15th to apply, the selection committee reviews all applications and makes the choices and emails are sent by January 31st. You will play 2 games a day for the 3 days and 6 games total, weather permitting, you must be ready to play Thursday at 7:30 AM. We are an invitational, showcase tournament and we select teams from a variety of states because this is what brings college coaches to us.
• Pennsbury Power Pool - Newtown 36 Teams (18U by invitation only)
• Pennsbury Power Pool - Pennsbury 18 Teams (18U Teams)
• Ewing Campus - 30 Teams (18U Teams)
• Veterans Park - 36 Teams (16U Teams)
• Community Park - 12 Teams (14U Teams)
Pennsbury Tournament Announcement 8/1/23

We hope you had a great finish to the summer season. Tryouts are happening and plans for the next season are underway. We would appreciate an email from you if you have a player that made a connection that started at Pennsbury and ended in a commitment, we love to hear those stories.

We would like to thank our friends for the use of their facilities- Joe Garvey and Newtown Rock Gold, Joelle Hansberry and Ewing Edge, Bill Coblentz and Veterans Park, PAA and Lower Makefield Township for Pennsbury sites.

From our family to yours, have a wonderful finish to 2023 !.

Thank You to our 2023 Tournament Crew
We are aware your team has many summer tournament choices, we would like to thank you for choosing the Pennsbury Tournament. From our family to yours, we wish you luck in the rest of your season and we hope you have an enjoyable summer. We look forward to seeing you at the 44th Annual Pennsbury Tournament next year, June 13-15, 2024.
From left: Joe, Megan, Joe, Les and Kim
Congratulations 2023 Players

At four of our 18U complexes – Pennsbury (Fred Allan), Newtown (Helen Randle), Ewing (Armstrong), and Veteran’s Park – we offered four $500 scholarships. All players at these complexes had an opportunity to participate in this free raffle. Congratulations to the following players. Please see our Tournament Scholarship page for past winners.

Tanya - Pennsbury (Fred Allan)
Katie - Newtown (Helen Randle)
Sairah - Ewing (Armstrong)
Jordan - Veteran's Park
2023 Pennsbury Game Scores

Here are final scores for all four complexes

The Mike Schmidt Skin Cancer Prevention Initiative
Is proud to provide the 2023 Pennsbury Tournament with sunscreen dispensers throughout the complex to keep our softball players, coaches, umpires, and families protected from the UV rays of the sun. For more information on Mike Schmidt’s story, sun safety, or how you can get involved.
2023 Pennsbury Game Schedules
Pennsbury Tournament College Coach Registration

If you are a college coach and plan on attending the Pennsbury Tournament, please click the button below and complete the on-line form.  If for any reason you are unable to complete the on-line form, please contact the Pennsbury Webmaster for a handwritten form. 

43rd Annual Pennsbury Tournament Accepted Teams
Pennsbury 42nd Tournament Attending Teams
Final note from the Pennsbury Family, 2021
On behalf of the Pennsbury Tournament family we would like to thank you for attending the 41st Annual Pennsbury Tournament, good luck in your summer season. We look forward to seeing you next year, June 16-18, 2022. Les and Joe
From left to right: Joe, Joe, Jamie, Megan, Kim and Les
Exciting News:

We are currently registering college coaches and posting their information on the Attending College Coaches webpage. If any player on your team is interested in a particular college, they can check the 2022 Attending College Coaches webpage to see if that coach will be present.

We have informed college coaches that player profiles have been made available on the Pennsbury website, and their response has been overwhelmingly positive. Despite this, some attending teams have yet to send us links to their player rosters. We are excited to share this wonderful news about the coaches, and we encourage you to spread the word.

Best regards,

Les and Joe

Attending Coaches:

This year we have added player profiles to the tournament website, making it easy for you to access information. In mid-May, we will post the schedules, which will include times and player profiles. We hope you are well and looking forward to joining us on one of the fields. If you are a college coach, please click on the “College Coach Registration Form” below to register for the Pennsbury Tournament. Have a great day! Les and Joe.

Congratulations Les Venella

The NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) recently awarded the Pennsbury Inviational Tournament and Pennsbury Gems for providing a 40-year commitment to women-student athletes.  Accepting the award Les Venella and Joe Parell, both Les and Joe have been managing the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament since 2001. 

End Latest News

Tribute to Pennsbury Invitational Tournament

"We have attended the Pennsbury Tournament for over thirty years, I believe we are one of few teams that attended the tournament since its inception. In the early years of the tournament, twenty teams attended the tournament which lasted two days. Art Coleman was a wonderful person with great vision for East Coast girls fastpitch softball, we played the Pennsbury tournament, many long Sundays with excellent competition that helped many players get recruited."

Here's to the Home Team

The Gems are an incredibly successful and highly-regarded softball team in the Pennsbury Tournament Softball league. Their impressive legacy can be traced back to 1981 when Art Coleman founded the Pennsbury Panthers softball team. As the team’s popularity and success grew, Coleman decided to expand and create a 15-U team, which he named the Gems. The Gems quickly became known for their talent and skill, and were envied by other teams in the league. As the years passed, the Gems continued to attract top-level players and improve their performance. When the 15-U players eventually progressed to the 18-U team, they decided to hold onto the Gems name as a symbol of excellence and tradition. It is a testament to the team’s hard work and determination that they have maintained this successful legacy for so many years.