Joe and I would like to thank the players and coaches from the 114 teams, the umpires, the representatives of the 270 colleges, our webmaster John and the field crews for helping to make the 34th Annual Pennsbury Tournament a huge success.
We managed to play all of the Friday and Saturday games in our schedule and only lost the single elimination round of games for the tournament. Good Luck to all our friends in the summer season and see you around the fields soon. Les and Joe

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College Coaches:
If you are planning to attend the NFCA Recruiting Camp and/or the Pennsbury Tournament, please continue to monitor both the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament and NFCA websites
(See Details...)

NFCA Camp Participants:
The Pennsbury Tournament will be offering both 2014 Academic Recruiting Camp and 2014 NFCA Pennsbury Recruiting Camp. To participate in the NFCA Pennsbury Recruiting Camps, you must continue to monitor both Pennsbury Invitational Tournament and the NFCA websites. We will post any available information upon receiving.

The new Pennsbury Academic camp is an attempt to spotlight the athlete who is academically talented.  It is being offered because so many college coaches from the Northeast expressed interest in a camp geared toward athletes with higher academic standards.

The minimum requirements include the following:  PSAT-175, SAT–1750 or ACT–26 and a GPA of 3.5 or higher. AP and Honors classes will add credibility to an already impressive application. For juniors and seniors, an SAT or ACT score (rather than a PSAT) is strongly preferred.

The NFCA expects the Academic camp to accept less than half the athletes of the regular camp.  The skills showcased will be the same for both camps and the academic standards should attract many coaches whose college accepts only the better students.
For any additional information concerning the NFCA Camps please go to the to the NFCA website or contact:

Kelley Fisher
NFCA Pennsbury Recruiting Camp Director
2641 Grinstead Drive
Louisville, KY 40206
Ph. 502-409-4600
Fax 502-409-4622


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