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Pennsbury Tournament News

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Pennsbury North Update (August 6, 2020)

Hello everyone,
It has been a day for the history books at Pennsbury, three of the five complexes have been rained-out today after the first game and connection problems with the website first thing .  After typo’s and changes to the schedule, we revised the schedule as the day moved on.  A big thank you to Dave for monitoring the situation while I was holding down the fort here at Pennsbury.

We have attached the updated schedule, we have a team playing the Friday missing games. Two teams decided to play at home on Sunday, Mass Drifters Carol jumping in to the stop vacated by the CT Seahawks and the typo for B2 and B7 revised.

Have a great weekend of softball and thank you for cooperating with the changes.

Pennsbury at Pennsbury 14U Update (August 6, 2020)

We have adjusted the start time for 8:00 AM for the next two days, we have not changed any teams.  We will notify you at 6:00 AM if the games are cancelled.  We thank you for your patience as we navigate the weather issues.

Pennsbury at Shamong 18U Update (August 6, 2020)

Good Afternoon,

Please find below the button for Friday’s schedule, we are hopeful that we can get each team two games.  We will alert you around 6:00 AM regarding the conditions since the forecast is calling for some rain tonight into the morning.  We appreciate your patience with us as we try and work through weather issues.

Question: With the possibility of rain tonight into tomorrow; why not push games back to start at 9:45 AM or 11:00 AM?

Answer: After reviewing the weather earlier, we decided to cancel the games that are scheduled in the morning, with a little TLC from the field crews the fields may be playable by 1:00 PM.  With that in place we need to hope for no additional rain.

Pennsbury North Tournament Update (Tauton MA) (August 6, 2020)

Good Morning, (Sorry for the delay, experiencing connection problems)

We have made a last minute change due to the ever changing environment we are living in today.  We have moved the event out of Taunton, the new facility is listed below.  Rhode Island teams were removed from the event since Massachusetts has placed them on a travel ban for quarantining, we are sorry, the remaining teams have been scheduled for the same concept with doubleheaders, you play the same team twice, also out of our control.  A couple of teams are only playing 4 games due to field availability on Sunday, we thank the Polar Crush teams and Mass Drifters Gold for their understanding. The address for the complex is:

42 Martin St
Rehoboth Ma 02769

Here’s a link to their website with the field layout https://www.rybsaonline.com/facilities  Field 4 is the grass field with no mound and even though the map shows field 3 with grass it is now stone dust. The photo is just outdated.  Not that it matters to you but we lost a complex in Valley Forge yesterday due to the increase in COVID and a total shutdown of recreational events.  The tournament begins today in the South, I will have limited ability to respond to your questions. Dave Lotti will be monitoring the email and will answer your questions.

Rhode Island residents are not permitted to play !!!!!

Thank you, Les

Valley Forge Cancelled (August 5, 2020)

Important notice, Montgomery County has shut down all outdoor recreational events that are not inter league play. We are forced to cancel the event at Valley Forge, this is out of anyone’s control, we will make some sort of a refund to you once we can figure out what expenses are already involved in the event. We are truly sorry.  Traveling Teams is working on canceling your reservations, again, we are so sorry.  It looks by the email train that teams are trying to play the games in Allentown, PA.  To get more information email Jason Zaun at jasonjz@msn.com

A Friendly Reminder (August 2, 2020)

It is Pennsbury week and as most of you know, Pennsbury can not get through the 5 day event without some rain, but a fricking Hurricane, seriously !!!.  Our 7 sites have worked very hard to plan for the event, the NFCA is headed here now, camps might be in some rain trouble, but as Joe always tells me, Mother Nature has a way of fooling us. We need to remind you….. yes, I am aware you have heard it all summer ….. but you really need to help…. pass it on to the players and parents. You must social distance and wear a mask, we will be shut down if you do not, crowds of cars and people scare communities, communities that are already scared of COVID. Parents must separate and be a part, please do not make us restrict attendance after the first day.  Spread out the players in the dugouts and down the sidelines. Tell your parents they must sit in the outfields at all parks !!!!!  Please help !!!!  Park in the designated areas in the parks that are restricting the parking.

Refer to this website for the latest on the schedules, we have tried to keep up with the daily change.  In the event we have some weather issues during the tournament, refer to this website for what we are doing !!!!.  There are too many of you to call me or text me, please look at the website if we are experiencing a weather event starting Thursday morning.  The games you are scheduled for are weather permitting.  Our thanks to Joe Garvey for Newtown, Dave Lotti for Taunton, Lou Bishop for Scranton, Mike Lorine for Valley Forge, Paul Koehler for Sellersville and Tom Di Bernardo for Shamong, we appreciate you helping us out with the complexes to make this event happen.   Stop by and see us, I will be around to most of the sites except Scranton or Taunton, Joe will be anchoring Newtown.  Safe travels to our area, be well and stay safe, Les and Joe

Shamong 16U & 18U Game Schedules changes (July 30, 2020)

After recently having a large event in Shamong, the Township officials made a decision to close down the complex over a week ago, forcing yet  another tournament to move four days prior to the event.  The Tournament officials met with Shamong Township Board members to devise a plan so the tournament can be held as planned.  In order to utilize the Shamong Complex the following requirements must be in place:

• The 18U games and 16U games must be a separate events, the 18U games will be played on Thursday and Friday.  The 16U games will be played on Saturday and Sunday.

• Games scheduled were adjusted so only four games are being played, with that in place it would minimize crowds and help with social distancing since the local community would raise concerns. 

• Games will be played in groups of three to minimize teams and families going from and to fields throughout the day. Please maintain social distancing and please wear your masks, township officials will at the complex to monitor the situation. 

We will be spreading the event out on the fields and controlling parking a bit more to make it seem less crowded.  Good Luck this weekend to all who are playing.  The new schedules are posted under game schedules

Tournament Game Schedules (July 23, 2020) Go to menu-Tournament Info - Game Schedules and Covid 19 Information

We posted the latest game schedules and Covid 19 information including Pennsbury Tournament Waiver Form.  Go to Game Schedules page for more information. 

Covid 19 Virus Tournament Field Relocations - Update (July 18, 2020)

The Pennsbury Tournament has changed a field location from Binghamton, NY (BAGSAI) to Jessup Youth Sports Complex located in Scranton, PA.  See Tournament Fields for more information.

Covid 19 Virus Tournament Field Relocations - Update (July 06, 2020)

Once again we hope this latest update finds you well. As we navigate through this Covid 19 crisis, we are pursuing all avenues to keep the tournament alive.  We were dealt a major setback due to Covid 19 restrictions by losing the availability of the Ewing (Armstrong) Complex, Pennsbury Middle School Fields and Stoddart Complex which were scheduled for the tournament.  With that in mind we had no other option but to relocate to other complexes and revise the schedules.  With the help of the softball community, coaches and friends we were able to have access to other complexes.

We were fortunate enough to have access to Pennsbury at Sellersville, Pennsbury at Valley Forge, Pennsbury at Scranton, Pennsbury at Newtown, Pennsbury at Shamong 16U, Pennsbury Shamong 18U and Pennsbury at Pennsbury.  All teams have been scheduled by regions.

2020 Revised Schedule

Covid 19 Virus Tournament Dates Update (May 08, 2020)

We hope all is well with you and your family and continue to stay safe.  We apologize for the confusion on tournament dates.  We originally posted that the tournament would begin on Thursday August 6th and end on Sunday August 9th, the correct dates are Thursday August 6th, Friday August 7th and Saturday August 8th. 

Covid 19 Virus Update (April 23, 2020)

Joe and I hope you are well and staying safe in these very difficult times.  Our government has presented a new plan to reopening the economy, it will be in phases starting on or about May 8, 2020.  Our region consisting of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York may experience delayed restrictions, we are hoping that phase 2 will be implemented sometime in late June at the earliest.  With that in mind, we feel the need to move to the alternative dates we mentioned to you a few weeks ago.

Joe and I believe at the time of the tournament we may enact phase 3 which is the fully open plan (all individuals must follow CDC and PA Department of Health Guidelines).  We will be holding the NFCA “Academic Camp” on Tuesday, August 4th and the “Classic Camp” on Wednesday, August 5th.  The tournament will start on Thursday, August 6th at 7:30 AM, weather permitting and run until Saturday, August 8th.  The NFCA is adjusting their website and will begin to open registration and promotion. 

Traveling Teams hotel booking service has begun to reschedule hotel contracts and will be providing instructions to you on how to move your reservations at the same hotels.  The end of the recruiting period in the summer is August 11th.  As we mentioned before, we wanted to move to a date that included recruitment and that did not interfere with any of our friends who run tournaments.

We are working on the college coach designed player profile and we are doing it in partnership with Tourney Machine, this tournament will allow us to be completely digital with our schedules, bracketing and player profiles.  We will release the form in mid-June.  That allows you to make any adjustment in your roster you may need to for the event.  For 40-years Pennsbury has had the privilege of hosting teams from all over the United States with the sole purpose as being the tournament “where college scholarships happen”.

We stand committed to that mission as we seek to provide you with the event in these unprecedented times.  Be well, stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you at the 40th Annual Pennsbury Tournament.

Les and Joe

Covid 19 Virus Update (April 4, 2020)

Joe and I hope you are well and staying safe in these very difficult times.  The fields that we hold the tournament events at are under stay at home directives until April 30th. With that in mind, we feel we need to wait until then to do anything with the tournament scheduling.

As a precaution, we have been in contact with the NFCA and several of our college coach friends that have indicated that the current recruiting period for the summer ends on August 11, 2020.  We have reached out to all of the municipalities that hold our event and have secured fields for the week of August 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the event we need to move the tournament.  This allows us to still hold the recruiting tournament and also allows us not to move it to the date already in use by many of our friends that hold tournaments.  We ask that you pencil in those dates and stand by, as we are, in hopes that this virus can be controlled and a treatment for it is discovered. 

We are working on the college coach designed player profile and we are doing it in partnership with Tourney Machine, this tournament will allow us to be completely digital with our schedules, bracketing and player profiles.  We will release the form to you soon.  For 40-years Pennsbury has had the privilege of hosting teams from all over the Untied States with the sole purpose as being the tournament “where college scholarships happen”.  We stand committed to that mission as we seek to provide you with the event in these unprecedented times.  Be well, stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you at the 40th Annual Pennsbury Tournament.

Les and Joe.

Covid 19 Virus Update (March 18, 2020)

Pennsbury Tournament is well aware of the issues we are all faced with regarding the Covid 19 virus.  It is to early for us to make a decision on what we are doing with respect to the tournament.  As we all know, they have issued concerns in our area that last until the end of April.  Once we see what they are suggesting after that date we can make a more informed decision on the tournament.  Joe and I wish all of you health during these trying times.

Welcome to the redesigned Pennsbury Invitational Website

We finally made the decision to upgrade our “old school” website.  We are continuing to populate the website information until the site is completed.  Until then please check back with us as we continue to grow.  The new website will enable users to correctly view the site on all devices including iPhone and Android mobile phones, iPads and both desktop and laptop computers.  We tried to make the website more user friendly while incorporating the latest features including on-line forms and downloadable coaches information.  Please email the webmaster for corrections you may find and or ideas that would improve the website.  We hope you find the website easier to use and more informative to college coaches, players, attending team coaches and all who plan to attend the tournament.

Congratulations Les Venella

The NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) recently awarded the Pennsbury Inviational Tournament and Pennsbury Gems for providing a 40-year commitment to women-student athletes.  Accepting the award Les Venella and Joe Parell, both Les and Joe have been managing the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament since 2001. 

Tournament Registration and Acceptence

18-Under Teams

If your team has completed and submitted an entry form by December 1, 2019 to compete in the 2020 Pennsbury Tournament, you will receive confirmation by the Pennsbury Staff no later that December 15, 2019.  In the event your team has not been selected, your check sent to Pennsbury will be destroyed.  Teams will be playing 5 games, weather permitting. You will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday play starts at 7:30 AM.  Games will be played at Pennsbury, Newtown and Ewing Complexes. This applies only to 18-Under teams.

16-Under Teams
If your team has completed and submitted an entry form by December 1, 2019 to compete in the 2020 Pennsbury Tournament you will receive confirmation by the Pennsbury Staff no later that December 15, 2019.  In the event your team has not been selected, the check sent to Pennsbury will be destroyed.  Pool Play begins on Friday, June 19th, you must be able to play on Friday for acceptance. Single Elimination will be determined by pool play and begins Saturday afternoon. 5 games, weather permitting.  We are pleased to be partnered with the Shamong Complex which has eight (8) fields at one location, plenty of parking and a wonderful opportunity for the 16-Under bracket of Pennsbury to play all in one area.  We will be holding a camp on Friday starting at 4:30 PM, this will not interfere with games since they will not be scheduled during the camp. There is a separate registration for the camp.  Shamong Complex for 16-Under teams only.

End Latest News

2020 (Revised) Tournament Information

This is the 40th year (Ruby Anniversary) for the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament.  The tournament dates are August 6 thru August 8, 2020.  The NFCA will host both an Academic Camp on August 4, 2020 and Pennsbury Classic Camp on August 5, 2020.  The tournament is 18-Under by invitation only, no college players are permitted.  Each team will play five games, weather permitting, and single elimination will be held at the Pennsbury Fred Allan Softball Complex.  Read more

NFCA Coach and Player Information

Let's get back to the game!

We’re excited to bring the NFCA Northeast Academic and Pennsbury Classic Softball Camps to your area on August 4-5, 2020 Preceding the Pennsbury Invitational and featuring instruction from collegiate coaches,

  • LOTS of defensive and offensive reps
  • Position-specific defensive instruction
  • Offensive instruction
  • Opportunity to be seen by and receive feedback from college coaches
  • Opportunity to have your profile information in the hands of collegiate coaches
  • Digital copy of NFCA’s Top Recruit magazine

The difference between the Northeast Academic and Pennsbury Classic camps are the academic standards student-athletes must meet to be accepted into the camp. To determine if your athlete meets the academic requirements please visit NFCAevents.org the format is the same for both camps. Camp sessions are limited in number of participants. All camper graduation dates must fall within years. All instruction will utilize the entire field.



In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the NFCA will adhere to city, county, state and federal guidelines in regards to safe health practices during camp.



If you are planning to attend the NFCA Camp and or the Pennsbury tournament, please visit the Coaches Corner for additional information including NFCA links and registration for both the camp and tournament.


Prior to the Pennsbury Tournament, NFCA will be hosting both the Northeast Academic Camp and Pennsbury Classic Camp.  Both these camps offer aspiring collegiate athletes showing their skills to a large number of college coaches.  For additional information including NFCA registration, college recruitment information please visit NFCA Player Recruitment.

Tribute to Pennsbury Invitational Tournament

"We have attended the Pennsbury Tournament for over thirty years, I believe we are one of few teams that attended the tournament since its inception. In the early years of the tournament, twenty teams attended the tournament which lasted two days. Art Coleman was a wonderful person with great vision for East Coast girls fastpitch softball, we played the Pennsbury tournament, many long Sundays with excellent competition that helped many players get recruited."

Here's to the Home Team

The Gems continue to be the elite softball team for Pennsbury Tournament Softball.  Art Coleman originated the team in 1981 naming the 18-U team Pennsbury Panthers and gave the names Gems to the 15-U team.  When the 15-U players moved up to the 18-U team, the girls wanted to carry on the Gems name thus dropping the Panthers and favoring Gems, it has been Gems since.    

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