NFCA Player Recruitment (Revised May 5, 2020)

Thank you for registering for one or both of our NFCA camps this summer.  Due to the impact of Covid-19, Pennsbury has rescheduled the tournament from August 6th thru August 8th.  The NFCA will also be rescheduling our Northeast Academic and Pennsbury Classic camps to that same week.  We will hold the Northeast Academic camp on Tuesday, August 4th and the Pennsbury Classic camp on Wednesday, August 5th.  Your registration will be moved automatically so you do not need to re-register. We are currently in the process of getting our website updated with the new dates.

The academic camp will enable each player to show their academic skills and the ability to succeed college academic challenges.  The Pennsbury Classic Camp enables players to show their softball talents including fielding, pitching, catching and hitting.  To go to the NFCA Northeast Academic Camp Recruitment page click the button below.