Welcome to Coaches Corner (Revised May 8, 2020)

We certainly hope to see all of you at our 40th anniversary of the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament.  We appreciate you considering the tournament, with over 124 teams from 22 States and Canada attending.  We are located in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the NFCA Academic Camp is held on August 4th with the Classic Camp on August 5th.  The Tournament will be held from August 6th thru August 8th.

As in the past all attending college coaches were given a recruitment binder upon arrival of the tournament, the binder included the information of each attending team, their rosters, player information and player contact information.  This binder has assisted in the recruitment of many players in the past and will continue to in the future.  Unfortunately the preparation of this binder has been a daunting task with last minute changes, additions, deletions to have ready for the tournament.

With that in mind, we decided to take a new approach by sending the attending coaches a thumb drive containing the Pennsbury Recruitment Guide.  With the PDF the coaches can print the guide or copy the file to cellphones and or iPads to view the information.  We hope to have in place means for the coaches to log in and download the Guide at their convenience.  We are aware the guides contain player names, phone numbers and emails addresses, extra precautions must be taken so this guide is only available to coaches only.

We officially named the document the Pennsbury Recruitment Guide, as in the past the information will resemble the binder but it will be in PDF form.  If you are not familiar with PDFs you will need to download a free copy of Adobe Reader, once installed that will enable you to open, read and print the PDF.  If you download Adobe Reader it is defaulted to load McAffee virus protection, unless you want McAffee uncheck the two check boxes before you download the reader.  If you need additional help please email the Webmaster and he will assist you.

NFCA Coach Information

Coach, if you plan to attending the NFCA Northeast Academic Camp and or NFCA Pennsbury Classic Camp and the Pennsbury Tournament please click the “NFCA and Tournament Registration” button.  If you plan only to attend the tournament without participating in the NFCA Camp click “Tournament Only Registration” button below. When you complete the on-line form the data supplied will be compiled so that both NFCA and Pennsbury will have the information.  This will automate the coach registration, no need to download any forms and resend form back to Pennsbury.

College Coach Shuttle
(due to Covid 19, Shuttle may not be available)

The Pennsbury Tournament provides a shuttle service to all attending college coaches.  The shuttle operates in a continuous loop with five (5) drop off / pick up locations.  Refer to shuttle map below for designated stops.